Crypto investments: Successful start
Updated online course
We’ll teach you crypto investments from scratch: Learn the theory and get started with practice
This is Sasha, 22,

A year ago he had an idea of making money on cryptocurrency
94% of self-taught crypto traders lose some of their capital at the start of trading. Are you a beginner?
Completed the course and now has an income of 1000$ per month
Fear of losing money
Waiting for the sign from the universe to start earning
Thought it would be hard to figure out

Starting capital a year ago
Portfolio size now
+1 710 %
On the course "Crypto investment: a successful start 2.0" you will learn:
Earn in any market situation
Manage your emotions and capital, consider risks
Make deals using the acquired knowledge and experience on training
Determine financial goals, Form a personal strategy to achieve them
Work with the exchange «Binance». Master all the tools and opportunities of the exchange
Predict the value of cryptocurrencies to earn in a falling and growing market
The main goal of the training:
to learn how to earn on the crypto market with the help of simple tools and support team curators
This is a course for those, who:
Wants to figure out cryptocurrency
And wants to earn
Do not lose on inflation and increase your capital
Wants to avoid them in the future
Work 5 times less and earn 3-8 times more than in hiring
Already traded and made mistakes
Wants to invest
Wants to switch jobs
Fundamental theory
How does the training proceed?
Online Practice
Support from mentors
Learn video lessons in the recording and dive into the topic
Take online lessons with an expert and address issues
Fixing the material by doing homework after lectures
Chat with students and help of the curator in all matters
Most important aspects you’ll during the course:
Convenient personal cabinet for comfortable training
The training takes place on the platform "Getcourse", which displays the personal progress of students. It is also possible to earn points and spend them on training.
Course program
«Crypto Investments: Successful Start 2.0»
Investor’s first steps
Module 1
You will learn:
  • How to choose the exchange?
  • How to register on the crypto exchange?
  • How to successfully pass ID verification?
  • How to work with a wallet?
  • What are the ways to deposit the exchange wallet?
  • What are the ways of withdrawing funds from your wallet?
  • How to reduce fees with BNB
Bonus: 1st module pdf summary
  • Register on the stock exchange, verify your identity
  • Learn how to work with a wallet
  • Choose a convenient and profitable way to deposit the exchange wallet
  • Determine how you will withdraw the first money
  • Learn how to reduce fees with BNB
Module 2
Start Trading. Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency
You will learn:
  • What are the types of interface?
  • How does interface of the exchange "Binance" work?
  • What are market orders and what are they?
  • How to buy cryptocurrency on the stock exchange?
  • What are the commissions on the stock exchange?
  • Understand the interface of the exchange: what buttons are for and where to press
  • Buy your first cryptocurrency
  • Understand where and what commissions come from
Bonus: 2nd module pdf summary
Module 3
Efficient technical graphics analysis
You will learn:
  • What for and why is the analysis of graphs necessary?
  • What are the types of price charts?
  • What is technical analysis, and how to use it?
  • How to build and analyze trends and levels?
  • What are the patterns of technical analysis?
  • Learn how to analyze graphs
  • Learn what are the types of patterns
  • Work out the care to define the patterns
  • Apply technical analysis online
Bonus: 3rd module pdf summary
Module 4
Computer indicators and their application
You will learn:
  • What is a computer indicator?
  • How to adjust the Moving Average(MA) indicator correctly?
  • What is the RSI overbought/oversold zone?
  • What is the MACD indicator?
  • How to trade on Bollinger bands signals?
  • Learn what a computer indicator is and how to apply it
  • Adjust the Moving average(MA) indicator
  • Will determine the trend change with MACD
  • You’ll be trading along the Bollinger bands
  • Learn to determine price movements using indicators
Bonus: 4th module pdf summary
Fundamental Analysis

Module 5
You will learn:
  • What is fundamental analysis, and how to earn from it?
  • How does Bitcoin dominance affect market capitalization?
  • How do you make money off your emotions, the fear and greed index?
  • What should I know about Burning?
  • How does Halving affect the market?
  • What are Stablecoins?
  • What are the features of coin analysis with Coinmarketcap and Coinmarketcal?
  • How to make money on coin listing?
  • You know how to do fundamental analysis and make money off it
  • You know how to control emotions and make money off them
  • You know all the tools that affect the market
  • You know how to make money on coin listing
Bonus: 5th Module pdf summary
Five Main Account Management Rules
Module 6
You will learn:
  • 5 basic rules of account management
  • What are the advantages of working with limit orders?
  • Features of trading tactics "pyramid" and "averaging", and how to apply them in practice?
  • How to display Takeprofit and Stoploss?
  • You know how to correctly manage your account
  • You know how to put orders
Bonus: 6th Module pdf summary
Profitable transaction algorithm
Module 7
You will learn:
  • Ready action plan on transactions
  • How to choose your trade tactics?
  • Determine for yourself a profitable algorithm of transaction
  • Choose your own trading tactics
  • Apply trade tactics in practice
Bonus: 7th Module pdf summary
Benefits of the futures market
Module 8
You will learn:
  • What is the futures market?
  • How to open and deposit a futures account?
  • What are the fees and rates of the futures account?
  • How to make a futures deal?
  • How do I open a deal in shorts?
  • How to work with an open position? explanation of the nuances
  • Open and Deposit a Futures Account
  • Make your first deal and earn money
Bonus: 8th Module pdf summary
Investor’s portfolio
Module 9
You will learn:
  • What are the types of passive and active investments?
  • Allocation chart
  • How to work with cryptocurrency funds?
  • What is trust management?
  • Know how to work with cryptocurrency funds
  • Make your portfolio investor
Bonus: 9th Module pdf summary
Book a place on the course with a 70% discount
Crypto investment: a successful start
Lasting 3 weeks

9 modules, 60 lessons in recording

Notes of each module, dictionary of terms

Practical assignments with feedback

Personal account with user-friendly interface

Curator support and questions

Seats limited. Seats remaining: 18
Bonus for payment
Check-list "How to earn 2x - 3x on the listing of coins on the exchange"
Book a place on the course with a 70% discount
Crypto investment: a successful start
Lasting 3 weeks

9 modules, 60 lessons in recording

Notes of each module, dictionary of terms
Practical assignments with feedback

Personal account with user-friendly interface

Curator support and questions
Seats limited. Seats remaining: 18
Bonus for payment
Check-list "How to earn 2x - 3x on the listing of coins on the exchange"
Recruitment for training will be closed through
In general, I am very happy with my results and progress) I started learning from the very beginning, i didn’t even know how to register on Binance. In a month I made around +70% of my prior deposit. And most importantly, I understood how the charts work! Thank you very much for your structured information, patience and answering all my questions. It turns out that a creative person can trade) I will recommend your course to my friends, because it’s really The foundation.
Я вообще сегодня очень рада своим успехам)
Пришла с нуля, даже регистрироваться на бинас
не знала как. За месяц +70% депозита И главное,
что я понимаю как работает график! Огромное
благодарю Вам за структурированную
информацию, за терпение и ответы на все все все
вопросы! Оказывается творческий гуманитарий
тоже может торговать) Рекомендую Ваш курс
своим друзьям, потому что это реально фундамент
Very cool course!!! As always, I am very delighted!
Complex and important topics explained in simple understandable language!!!
You are a really great teacher!!! The quality of the course is top-notch!!!
I couldn't understand what OCO was before, but now I finally figured it out and use it!!!
You’re super!!!

Очень крутой урок!!! Я как всегда в восторге!
Сложные и важные вещи простым, доступным
языком!!! Какие вы молодцы!!! Такое качественное
обучение у вас!!! Я ни как не могла понять для
чего нужен осо, а теперь разобралась, наконец-то!!!
Вы супер!!!
Good afternoon, everyone! I also wanted to leave my feedback. I liked the course, it was quite intensive, I learned a lot of new things, the theoretical base after it is quite good and you can start placing positions). There is feedback and help from curators in moments of difficulty.
The interactions in the chat and discussion on different situations, patterns was not enough for me.
Thank you all and wish you high income)

Всем доброго дня! Хотела также оставить свой отзыв. Мне курс понравился, достаточно
интенсивный, я узнала много нового,
теоритическая база после него вполне хорошая
и можно начинать действовать) Есть обратная
связь и помощь в моментах затруднений. Мне не
хватило только более активного общения в чате,
обсуждения разных ситуаций на графиках и ТД
Спасибо всем и высоких доходов)
The most significant thing in training I witnessed in this course was that the experts, who teach us, practice their knowledge and are masters of their work. There was trust and understanding that you can follow them and get the result. For me trust is the most important aspect and the rest is an opportunity to learn and earn. I sincerely thank you!
Самое важное в обучении, увидел, что люди которые проводили это обучение, являются практиками мастерами своего дела, появилось
доверие, и понимание, что можно за ними пойти
и получить результат, да именно доверие,
для меня это самое важное, а остальное это
возможность, научиться и зарабатывать искренне
Good afternoon!) Thank you for teaching, for providing information and prompt feedback!)
Everything was very informative and clear, without any unnecessary details.
I will develop these skills further. I wish everyone success, stability, high ROIs and good mental health for this work.
Добрый день!) Благодарю за обучение, за подачу
информации и оперативную обратную связь!) Все
было информативно и четко, без воды. Буду
развивать полученный навык. Всем желаю
успехов, стабильности, иксов, психологической
устойчивости в этом деле.
successfully finished his course
earned by Pedro’s students
of experience in the financial market
under consulting management
Who will be your mentor
Support and community
There is a group chat, where everyone communicates and shares useful instruments to make an income. Also they support and help out each other.
After each lesson you have homework and practical tasks that are checked by curators. The feedback is given by curators to each and every student.
Convenient learning platform
Learning process takes place on “GetCourse” platform that demonstrates personal progress to the students. There is also an opportunity to get some scores that can be used for future learnings.